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Wye Oak Leaf Project

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Custom Pieces From Nature's Creations

We often create custom pieces from botanicals that customers send us. We work with both individuals and organizations on special projects of all sizes. We can also create castings from an original captured leaf or cutting. Casting is a great option for larger projects, because the item is reproduced at a lower per-piece cost while still maintaining the uniqueness of the original impression. We can customize such special pieces to include etched information on the back such as gallery name, company logo, vineyard name, website or date.

Note that it’s best to send us broad, sturdy leaves with good texture, although many other natural cuttings will work. Unfortunately we cannot work with clover, shells, flowers or bugs other than cicadas. If you are curious about a particular botanical item, please email us.

If you are interested in embarking on a special project with Nature’s Creations, the first step is to send us the botanical items that you have collected. We ask organizations to send us a minimum of 100 pieces, and individuals to send twice as many pieces as you ultimately need. Read on for how to best prepare and send items. And please always send your items with clear contact information so that we can get back to you promptly!

Ginkgo Leaves

Use a plastic sealable container of the size that your number of leaves needs.

Place a paper towel on the bottom of the bin and put a few drops of water on the towel.

Layer your leaves right on top of each other. Send leaves from 1"-4" in size.

Ginkgo Leaves

Add additional varieties of leaves if you like.

Ginkgo Leaves

Place additional paper towels with a few drops of water over the leaves. You may add extra paper to fill up the bin but do not press the leaves too much.

Closed Bin

Close the bin and send it USPS Priority Mail or Overnight UPS/FedEx.

To: Nature's Creations 6822 Tilden Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-4501 301-881-7813


When we receive your leaves we will contact you with pricing. Individuals can expect prices similar to the online store prices for five items or more. For less than five items, we charge an additional 50% service charge. If you represet an organization, we will call you to discuss the project before we give you an estimate. Here is a loose guide:

Broad Leaf Projects
(like Maple, Aspen, Oak and Ginkgo)

Quantity 1-4 5-20 21+
2" leaf $45 $30 $15
3" leaf $60 $40 $20
4" leaf $90 $60 $30
4"+ call call call

Special project leaves are generally finished in the "Bronze Patina" like the leaf below.


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