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Wye Oak Leaf Project

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How do you put copper over the leaf without burning it up?
The process we use does not involve molten metal. Instead, copper is “electroformed” over the leaf at room temperature. The botanical item is left intact and permanently “fossilized” inside the copper shell.

What is electroforming?
Electroforming is the process by which metal is coated over non-conductive surfaces. In our case, we use electricity and copper powder to foil thin layers of copper onto leaves and other botanical items, leaving the item intact and sealed within a copper barrier.

What are patinas?
Patinas are agents that oxidize or color copper. Iron Oxide (commonly known as rust) is orange or red, Copper Oxide (or copper rust) is green or blue, and in some forced cases, brown or orange.

What is a Ginkgo?
Gingko is one of the oldest trees on earth and a living fossil! The leaves are elegant fans and are as substantial as leather.

What are impressions?
Impressions are the most popular designs, which we bronze. Unlike our electroformed pieces, the impressions contain no leaf inside of them. Instead, they are copies of the original leaf that was used to make the impression.

When I am purchasing an item, why am I asked to type in certain letters or numbers?
Don’t be alarmed! This is just a security precaution for your protection. It verifies that you are a human being and not a robot.

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